Aquius-9 is an audio drama, created in association with the Hill Film and TV Club. Set in the distance future we follow a group of defunct bureaucrats in a colonial space station. Mishaps and world-shaking events ensue.


Ronald Catiline: Holden Rosenfeld

Jane Terrentia: Payton Jobson

Duncan Izak: Atticus Short

Donald: Andreas Haperis

Dr. Apollodorus Xi: Alex Zhu

Nathaniel Efficax: Andrew Spatarella

William Catiline: Alex Zhu

Boudica: Lilian Rizek

Princeps Helena: Sela Muto

The Lieutenant: Araiya Casriel

TCFM Host: Holly Perna


Martin Tran | Zach Caldicott | Patricia Trojansky | Wendy Lew


Production Staff

Martin Tran: Creator, Executive Writer, Director, Editor

Payton Jobson: Staff Writer, Editor, Production Assistant

Lilian Rizek: Production Assistant

Atticus Short: Staff Writer

PlaSma (Tuong Pham): Lead Artist

Cua Nguyen: Website Developer

Eddie Bui: Website Backend

Christopher McGriff: Project Consultant

Notable SupportersĀ 

Ashton: Top Patron